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Scaffolding Hire in Bexleyheath | Which Type to Use?

Liberty Scaffolding are able to provide the Bexleyheath area with a complete range of scaffolding services to suit each individual project. As one of the leading scaffolding companies in the Kent area, we take pride in providing our clients with cost-effective solutions. On this page, we highlight different types of scaffolding hire which enable customers to get the most from a construction.


Our scaffolding erectors work to the plans set out at the initial site survey and build a tower in Bexleyheath in compliance with your project needs.


Single Scaffolding


Single scaffolding hire is usually used for brick masonry and is more commonly known as bricklayers scaffolding. This type of scaffolding consists of scaffolding equipment such as standards, ledgers and putlogs which run parallel to a wall, at a distance of around 1.2m. The distance between standards is around 2.5m and ledgers link these standards at a vertical interval of 1.2 to 1.5m. Our scaffolding erectors will expertly install any specification of single scaffolding at your Bexleyheath site.


Cantilever Scaffolding


Great care is taken whenever our scaffolding erectors undertake scaffolding services in Bexleyheath. Cantilever scaffolding comes under even more scrutiny, as this is used when the ground doesn’t have the capacity to support standards. Cantilever scaffolding is also regularly used when the upper part of a wall is under construction. We will only recommend the installation of cantilever scaffolding after we complete a full site survey.


Suspended Scaffolding


Scaffolding companies provide suspended scaffolding for clients in Bexleyheath working at great heights or on taller buildings. The scaffolding platform is suspended from a roof with the help of chains or wire ropes, which are raised or lowered to the level required. This enables workmen to undertake repairs, painting, repointing and any at-height work.


Rolling Scaffolding


Rolling scaffolding is the same as stable solid scaffolding hire base but with wheels. This scaffolding is used when work needs to be completed over a wider and shorter distance. The lockable castors enable the workers using it to undertake tasks at height safely. This is a popular choice with handymen, painters and decorators in the Bexleyheath area.


Lift Shaft Scaffolding


Not all scaffolding companies provide lift shaft scaffolding hire, but Liberty Scaffolding is able to offer competitively-priced and adaptable scaffolding services for lift repairs or installations in Bexleyheath. Our specialist scaffolding hire allows quick and easy access to the lift shaft and provides the customer with safe and effective support.

Whichever scaffolding services you require, our scaffolding erectors will provide the right type of construction to suit your project in Bexleyheath. Call now on 020 8300 8252.

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