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Scaffolding Hire in Dartford

Scaffolding hire has long been in place to complete above-ground work. In the last few years, however, scaffolding equipment has been modified and modernised by scaffolding companies to be lighter, stronger and quicker for scaffolding erectors to build. The basic principle of scaffolding services still remains the same though; to give users in Dartford and Kent a safe and reliable platform to undertake work-at-height on.


So what are the advantages of using scaffolding services for projects in Dartford?


Firstly, scaffolding is predominantly a safety construction to enable builders, contractors and DIY enthusiasts to carry out work-at-height. A construction consists of a set number of poles, clamps, boards and other materials which provides a platform to suit the client’s needs. Safety is paramount for scaffolding companies. This is why our scaffolding erectors work closely with the customer to construct scaffolding directly suited to any project in Dartford or the surrounding areas.

Access is another major benefit of scaffolding. With a wide range of scaffolding services available to provide a custom-made construction, Liberty can position workers in those hard-to-reach areas. Scaffolding provides an access platform like no other. Scaffolding hire is not just the domain for large building companies either. Our scaffolding erectors can build the perfect tower for homeowners looking to undertake DIY repairs or refurbishments on their properties in Dartford.


As some clients in Dartford have found out to their cost, using a ladder to fix guttering or to replace roof tiles can be a tricky if not downright dangerous task. Using scaffolding hire services will make the job much easier and will still be cost-effective. Unlike other scaffolding companies, our prices are set to match and beat all competitors covering Dartford and the surrounding areas.


Lastly, when you use Liberty Scaffolding for scaffolding services in Dartford, we work to your exact requirements, however long or short the scaffolding hire period may be. When you’re ready, our scaffolding erectors will dismantle your construction safely and leave your site clear of waste. Other scaffolding companies have been known to leave the tower standing long after the project has been completed. This won’t happen with us.


We work to strict timelines and are able to dismantle and load the equipment back onto our truck when required.

The Benefit of Scaffolding Access

To find out more about scaffolding services, or to arrange a site survey in Dartford, call Liberty Scaffolding on 020 8300 8252.

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